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Smart Start Efficiency and Growth Coaching Guided Plan

Are you at a loss of how to grow your practice?
Have you been able to motivate and guide your team?
Are you satisfied and content with your bottom-line?

Ideal for: Established dentists with a desire to further their success by exploring opportunities to promote efficiency and build a winning team culture.

Even the most accomplished practices have the potential to grow. Keeping in step with trends, team skills, creating a winning culture often requires a 3rd party option to chart the course. The Smart Grow plan matches your aspirations with targeted techniques to optimize systems efficiency, engage teams to “buy in” and create sustainable results.

Targeted planning and Resources

  • Conditions and Bridges
  • Team Culture
  • Patient Service
  • SWAG Approach; Strengths, Weaknesses, Action, Growth
  • Profit Guidance
  • Fee Analysis
  • Overhead Balance
  • Marketing Conversion
  • Communications; patient, team and doctor/s
  • Statistic Measurements

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