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Smart Start Dental Career Guided Plan

Are you wondering whether to start-up or purchase an existing practice?
Do you have experienced advisors to guide you?
Are you familiar with practicing options out of dental school?

Ideal for: 4th year Dental Students, practice dentists contemplating ownership, associateship, partnership, or buy-in options.

Doctors preparing for Practice engagement options. The transition from clinician to business is a new experience. The Smart Plan sets the foundation by offering tools, resources, and educational processes to streamline your time and set up your career path that best aligns with you. It’s never too early to Start your Smart plan.

Targeted planning and Resources

  • Timeline and readiness assessment
  • Type of practice to consider
  • Size and price of practice to consider
  • Locations and demographics
  • Lending options: Pre-Qualifying steps
  • Lender options
  • Liquidity considerations
  • Rates and terms fundamentals defined
  • Advisors; CPA, Dental Attorney, Buyers Advocate Coach

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