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Smart Start Sell Preparation Guided Plan

Do you have your “practice in order” to get the best price?
Are you familiar with the process of selling your practice?
Do you know what buyers are looking for in a practice?

Ideal for: Dentists who are preparing their exit strategy and practice sell options.

Getting the most out of a practice sale requires strategic timing and thorough understanding of what buyers are looking for in a purchase. Aligning with a partner to determine the value of your practice, condition of practice is just the beginning. The Smart Sell plan will help you to coordinate and organize your practice systems and assist in our resources for a buyer match. It’s never too early to Start your Smart Sell plan.

Targeted planning and Resources

  • SWAG Approach; Strengths, Weaknesses, Action, Growth
  • Overhead Condition
  • Financial Condition
  • Team Goodwill Assessment
  • Fee Structure
  • Marketing Structure
  • Technology Condition
  • Accounts Receivables Condition
  • System Structures and Conditions
  • Insurance Contracts; Impacts for Buyers
  • Team Structure
  • Patient Goodwill
  • Buyer Search Options

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