Patient Reviews

Certified testimonials from some of our patients.

Smart Start Dental appreciates your feedback, as we are always striving to provide you with the highest quality dental care at a reasonable price. One of the best parts of our job is reading the kind words and reviews from the many patients we have helped over the years. So, see what our many satisfied patients have to say. We’re confident that you’ll like what you hear. Then (after you experience treatment) feel free to leave us a review of your own!

“Love this place. The staff was great with my kids. My kids love coming to the dentist because of them.” Carlos L.

“The staff and Dentist are great and very polite! I have been going there for years and never had any problems. Thank you for your service!” Rufy Y.

“The doctor was excellent in treating an infected tooth. Everything was handled professionally and efficiently. I needed a root canal and was sent to a specialist. Afterward, the doctor took the time to examine my tooth carefully before proceeding with the crown. The administration, Josefina, handled all paperwork for my insurance in an efficient manner.” Angelica C.

“This place is incredible, the staff is professional n caring and they truly care about the kids. I would recommend this office to my friends and family. I’m grateful for the kind staff and they treat all children with all types of insurance and Denti-Cal. I’ll be back.” Noelle S.

“I was very happy with my son’s visit. He was referred by his pediatric dentist in Brentwood because he wouldn’t sit still for fillings. He was put under so the work could be done. I was able to meet all of the staff involved. They let me be with him till they put him out. They told me it would take a couple of hours but it wasn’t even that long. They brought him out the back so as not to scare the other children waiting. He was out of it because of the meds but overall he came out perfectly! The girls in the front scheduled his follow-up and we were done. I had a great experience here.” John Doe

“Actually a really good dentist. Came here for a second opinion about my son’s teeth & was definitely worth it.” Tiara J.

“Everyone was so nice, from the receptionist to the dentist.” Jean N.