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At Smart Start Dental, we understand the stress, risk, and uncertainty that comes with buying, selling, growing or searching for the practice of your dreams. That’s why we customize and simplify solutions for your needs, from advisors you can trust. Smart Start is an educational and service platform that aids in every stage of your career, from beginning to retirement. Our personalized Smart Approach seeks to evaluate you and your unique vision before designing a targeted course of action. We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” program or mindset, instead we strive to leverage each dentist’s business knowledge and stage of career, when addressing individual needs. With several decades of multi-level industry experience, our professionals have proven tactics through hundreds of successful practice results. At Smart Start Dental, we have gained a reputation for honest coaching built on our expertise, credibility, and service philosophy. Our network for practice searches, associate and partnership searches continues to grow to assist in aligning best fit careers. Smart Start is about personal and engaged planning, unbiased guidance, and reliable professionals who take a “have your back” approach to every step of your career.

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Our Team

Our team is committed to listening and understanding your vision, address possible concerns and discerning any potential barriers. Our “Smart Approach” involves personal and engaged planning to help you make the choices that best meet your ideal practice. Our team is comprised of highly skilled advisors that truly partner with our clients and teams. With over 8 decades of combined experience in all aspects of practice growth, and transitioning, we embrace the opportunity to serve.

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At Smart Start Dental, our services are broad and customized. Whether you are a 4th year student, Associate thinking about purchase options, an owner dentist seeking areas of improvement, or a practicing dentist preparing for retirement, we have solutions all stages of your career. Our experienced advisors personalize your needs, diagnose options and present proven techniques and guidance to meet your goals and vision.

  • Smart Decisions-Practice Evaluations and Due Diligence
  • Smart Start for buyers -acquisition advice
  • Smart Start for sellers- exit strategy and business staging
  • Smart Start grow for practice owners-Strategy and growth coaching
  • Smart Start Connect-Network resources and referral advice
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Client Information

To begin the Smart Approach process at Smart Start Dental, we will need to meet with the client and go over their goals. We want to help you build a plan that encompasses your dream while building attainable and realistic practice goals. Depending on what stage you are at in your career, we will develop a course of action and continue to provide guidance throughout the process. If you are unsure of how to proceed with your dental practice, our team is here to help. During the appointment, we will gather information about your field of dentistry, the type of patients you want to reach, what your practice needs, and how to start.