Pocket Reduction Surgery

Pocket Reduction Surgery Oakland & Pinole, CA

Excellent results that decrease the occurrence of periodontal infection.

What is pocket reduction surgery? When patients suffer from periodontal (gum) disease, they develop problems in the gum tissue around teeth. The attachment between gum and teeth loosen, and pockets form. Periodontal pockets are more prone to trapping bacteria which infects the gums and may cause tooth decay or tooth loss.

The aim of pocket reduction is to remove the areas where bacteria collect. When supportive gum tissue around the teeth is inundated with plaque and bacteria, gums recede and become loose, thus forming pockets of infection around the base of the teeth. With a pocket reduction, we reduce the excess pocket tissue and clean out the infection. Then, with the pockets closed, we suture the gums to fit more tightly against the teeth. This prevents the future collection of harmful bacteria and promotes the healing process. In this way, the procedure provides excellent results by decreasing the occurrence of periodontal infection.

If you experience symptoms of periodontal disease such as red, sensitive, swollen, painful, or bleeding gums, please visit our locations page and give us a call today. Then, we can provide a periodontal assessment to determine what treatment is right for you and if you might be a good candidate for pocket reduction.