Nervous Young ManIf you have had one or more missing teeth replaced with a dental bridge restoration (also sometimes called a fixed partial denture), then be sure to keep up the good work by properly caring for it. Just following these helpful tips will have you well on your way to a strong and healthy bridge for year to come.

Some reminders on maintaining your dental bridge:

  1. Maintain healthy neighboring teeth by brushing and flossing regularly. Plaque can accumulate under, around, and between your bridge and natural teeth. Any disease near your bridge threatens the whole works.
  2. Bridges simply take a little more effort to keep clean than natural teeth. And you need practice to master these skills. We’ll show you how to use a floss threader if you need one to reach under your bridge—and help keep gums healthy.
  3. Be vigilant about the fit of your bridge. Grinding teeth or biting fingernails can damage its stability. Bridges can break, too, if your diet is long on hard, unforgiving foods.
  4. Generally, give the same attention to your dental bridge you do your natural teeth. Protect your investment, your health, and keep your fixed bridge fixed!